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Miami is emerging as the hub for the Americas and a gateway of opportunity for startups and
entrepreneurs. Women own 23% of businesses in Miami, making it the second most diverse and
gender-friendly city in the country. What makes it even more unique is that most Miami women
are Latin American founders with deep connections to the region. Supporting female founders in
Miami and the region by strengthening our knowledge & connection to develop even more those
business skills, creative thinking and challenges to take our businesses to the next level.

The EVent

SheMiami is an annual 2 day event and powerhouse to celebrate, connect and provide resource for women - makers, creators & innovators. From corporate, entrepreneurial women to anything in between, we’re changing the
conversation around business, leadership, networking, social media, and life-work balance.

January 28, 2020


Deepen and share your knowledge through panel discussions, concurring sessions, and hands on workshops


Listen to inspirational stories, share yours, and strengthen your network through match-making opportunities and networking. Get a chance to showcase your brand among female colleagues at the event and by completing your business profile on the SheMiami app.


Through the power of our BNPT and CAE create success goals and strategies, forge partnerships and collaborations and get an accountability circle to continue to grow beyond the event.

create • connect

Day packed with content, speakers, inspiration and hands on learning.

The circle of action and empowerment fosters connection and growth post event.

connect • collaborate

Most powerful time at event -every attendee is paired in a group. A success coach guides groups with a series of dynamics to explore, connect and share their goals, business and more.

SheMiami App that allows you to create your Business Profile, connect prior, during and post
event and not only promote your business among female colleagues but create collaborations as

Meet Some of last years Speakers


Leigh-Ann A. Buchanan

Founding Executive Director

Venture Café

5DH31037 (1).jpg

Andrea Campos

Creative Strategist



Halim Zakhia

Mentor & Coach

Halim Zakhia

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